Boss Key Productions is No More As Cliffy B Announces Shut Down

Following back-to-back failures in gaining significant player-base ad traction of their games, Cliff Blezinski has decided to close down his studio, Boss Key Productions after nearly four years of operation.

Announcing it via Twitter earlier today, Blezinski, former design director for Epic Games said:

In 2017, LawBreakers was released to much fanfare, backed by an army of video game streamers yet it was unable to sustain its momentum and attributed to its weak player base to other similar hero shooters in the market, namely Overwatch. Initially touted to be free-to-play, Blezinski’s decision to tag a US$30 pricetag onto the game started its spiral to obscurity. It failed to pick up in terms of sales and player count and only managed an all-time peak at just a little under 7,500 concurrent players. At last check, it had a peak of 25 concurrent players in April.

In their last swing of the bat, Boss Key jumped onto the battle royale hype-train and released Radical Heights which received criticism for its apparent similarity to Epic Games’ Fortnite. The public didn’t take too kind with the similarity and the official reveal trailer was disliked by more than 75% of its viewers.

Bleszinski confirmed that the Radical Heights servers will remain online “for the near future.”

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