Here’s Some Rage 2 Gameplay, Burning Man Colours & All

It’s true: Bethesda is releasing a sequel to the first Rage, which definitely looks kinda like the first game, except with all the pink and funkier colour palettes. Check out the first gameplay reveal below:


In Rage 2, you get to:

  • Drive and shoot wildly in a post-apocalyptic open world created by id Software and Avalanche Studios (ie the same guys who did the Just Cause series).
  • Use “big f***king guns” and special “mutant”-like powers like leaping high in the air and doing seismic ground pounds.
  • Fight Mad Max-style villains, bad guys riding giant mechs, and giant bad people while headbanging to Andrew W.K’s party songs. Maybe.
  • Ponder when the game will be out since the trailer does not have a release date. Early 2019 maybe?

So far it’s looking good. We even have game director Tim Willits is revealing a bit about the game (via Game Star).

Why do a Rage 2 now?

We at id and Bethesda have always loved the Rage world and the basic idea of the game. And then there was the opportunity to work with Avalanche and with it the opportunity to do what we always wanted to do.

About the Avalanche Studios Collaboration

Avalanche has the bigger team. But it has never been such a “develop a game and then show it to us” opportunity between us. Rage 2 was a collaborative project from the start. I and other people at id work very closely with Avalanche to create this id-like first-person shooter action. And at Avalanche is the Open World expertise.

In Terms Of Downloadable Content And “Games As A Service”

Yeah, we want people to play Rage 2 longer, and we think we can bring some fun stuff that makes it possible, but we’ll talk about it in more detail as we move closer to the release of Rage 2. We will [also]not have any Lootboxes, I can say that for sure. We have this novel approach: You buy the game and then you play it. (laughs)

Kakuchopurei will be all over this game, that’s for sure. Party music, giant guns, Fury Road-style escapades in your pimped-out desert vehicle: what’s not to love?



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