Earlier this year, the producer and developer of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT said that the game will have new characters as DLC in the future.┬áSo far, they’ve kept their word: players get to play as Final Fantasy XII’s big bad Vayne Solidor. They also will get Locke Cole from FFVI as a playable character later this year.

Here’s what we know so far, along with our best guesses for the remaining 4 character slots.

  • Vayne Solidor From FFXII is already out. Just like in FFXII, he fights with his fists although his Bravery and HP attacks are all Mist-infused greatsword swings. He also has his “hulked out” mode where he hits harder than usual.
  • Locke from FFVI will be out this June, according to a recent Square Enix livestream. He’s most likely an Assassin type; he moves fast, hits fast, and can make a quick getaway when needed.
  • A new female character from the newer half of numbered FF games will be slated for August. It’s a toss-up between Aranea Highwind from FFXV and Fang from FFXIII.


  • A new male from the newer half of the FF games will be out on October. Ardyn from FFXV might be a foil to Noctis who is already in the game.


  • A past Dissidia female contestant will be out in December. We’re guessing it’s Prishe from FFXI. Either that, or Yuna from FFX.


  • Finally, a new male from the newer half of the FF games will be out February 2019. Your guess is as good as ours, but we’re going with Zenos from FFXIV. Unless they plan on filling up the slots with FFXV characters, in which case Ignis will be a shoe-in.


You’re welcome to take a guess as to who should be next in line for the Dissidia NT treatment. Let us know!


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