All The Juicy Kingdom Hearts III Info & Gameplay So Far…

Man, it took Square Enix long enough to count to three, eh? Better super late than never: Kingdom Hearts III is going to be a reality come 2018, and we have the scoop.

The preview embargo has lifted today, so now we have all this gobsmackingly awesome previews and impressions popping up all over the interwebs. How about we put it all in one place (like ours) for your reading and sharing convenience?

Here’s what we know so far:


There’s A Ton More Acrobatic Shenanigans

You can activate an autorun function of sorts on Sora, so you can worry about vertical combat and aerial antics more. Sora can now run directly up certain walls. These walls are marked by a sheen of sorts; run into one and Sora will keep going in the same direction up the wall. You can even change direction without falling off.

Bottom line: there is a huge emphasis on combat movement, particularly against bigger bosses like the Titans from Hercules. Speaking of which…

It’s Nice To See Old & New Disney Locales

The demo sessions consist of two stages: one is on Mount Olympus from Disney’s Hercules while the other is in Andy’s room from Toy Story. The former has you scaling and beating up a Titan, while the latter has you fighting Heartless toys in Andy’s room and the yard outside in tiny toy-sized form. The boss fights on Mount Olympus are more spectacle base, but the Toy Story scenario showed off the many awesome bits of combat.


The Link System & Attractions Changes Up Summons

Link System replaces Summons this time around. You Link up with a hero of your choosing and then summon them to temporarily assist you on the battlefield. For now, we get to see Ariel the Little Mermaid strut her stuff with her swimming attacks and her final magic fountain attack.

And yes, Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph can be Linked to help clear the stage with his block-placement powers that end with a block-breaking finisher. Because he’s gonna wreck it, right?

Kingdom Hearts 3 expands upon the Reaction Commands introduced in Kingdom Hearts with a new command type called Attractions, among others. Attractions are special situational attacks that are based on Disney rides, like the Big Magic Mountain train or that Alice in Wonderland teacup ride. These large-sized attacks look gorgeous and deal a messload of damage to enemies and enemy bystanders.


You Have A Ton Of Keyblades To Choose From

Each of Sora’s new Keyblades boosts up specific attacks and skills, and are naturally themed after the world it’s from. For example, the Toy Story Keyblade Infinity Badge can power up to become a giant rocket mallet (called Hyper Hammer) that cracks the ground on the last hit of its combo. The Alice In Wonderland-themed Keyblade called Smile Gear summons tea cups that can smash into each other to explode and kill any enemy within its radius.

The Tangled-based Keyblade Ever After is a long-range attack enthusiast’s dream; it even has a final finish attack that summons Rapunzel’s tower to damage nearby enemies with beams of holy light. All in all, each new Keyblade will change up your playstyle whether you’re a zoner or an up-close fast-hitting guy.

The Unreal Engine Makes This Kingdom Hearts Look Spectacular

All these screenshots do not do justice as to how this game is in motion. From pretty fireworks to insane particle effects from your Link attacks and from your spells, the game is quite a sight. And yes, the game is running at 60fps, or at least the equivalent of it.

There Is Still No Release Date….

…but Square Enix said that it will be announced early next month. That’s close to E3 2018 by the way so we may expect Square Enix to make a statement during their own press conference. 

Despite this, Kingdom Hearts III sounds like the game every single fan has been waiting for since 2005. Yes, we know Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance exist, but in terms of a continuation, it’s been eons since fans are getting their bookend. And it’s about damn time too.


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