Italian Job: What We Know About Rainbow Six Siege’s Latest Update

After much teasing, Ubisoft has revealed the next season of its highly-popular team-based tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege.

The game’s new operation, called Para Bellum, will bring in a slew of much-needed balance and quality of life updates, as well as new Italian operators and maps. Here’s what we know:

The two new Operators are unique.

Players will get to play as Alibi and Maestro, two defender type Operators to round up the 40-man cast of Rainbow Siege.

Alibi is fast but has low armour. Her gadget skill is Prisma, in which she can summon up to three holograms to distract and confuse foes. She also comes with a passive ability that prevents teammates from being identified if they leave the defender area of the map. She comes equipped with the Mx4 Storm submachine gun and ACS12 automatic shotgun.

Maestro is a defence-heavy operator who can deploy two remote-controlled bullet-proof cameras that can fire on attackers while he’s hiding. They do minimal damage but it’s handy in keeping enemies from pushing at times. Maestra carries a hefty ALDA 5.56 LMG as one of his defaults: it has a huge magazine and lays out sustained fire like a boss.

The Para Bellum Map is rather beautiful

Just look at the video above. It’s really quite the sight for the eyes, right? It’s not just eye candy either: the villa has breachable walls and floors throughout and features a number of hatches for teams to blow through and drop down. This map is made to be as competitive as possible, so expect a lot of vertical gunplay and classic sightline-based skirmishes.


The other features are nothing to scoff about.

Para Bellum also introduces a few extra features to help improve the general quality of Rainbow Six Siege. We’ll list them down.

  • The new bullet-proof camera will be available for a few defender operators.
  • A new pick-and-ban system allows players to prevent four operators of their choosing from being used during custom games.
  • Some operators are getting buffs: Echo can now use two Yokai drones instead of one.
  • There is now a new Discovery Playlist feature where you can dive straight into the new Villa map instead of waiting for it on your map rotation menu.

The update’s release date is June 5.

The target Rainbow Six Siege Para Bellum release date is June 5. It’s only a few weeks until you can taste the Italian rainbow goodness.

Are these welcome updates? Let us know; we might cover more Rainbow Six Siege if you wish.

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