Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Skins Leaked

The 2018 Overwatch Anniversary event is supposed to drop in two days but the hero skins we are set to get this time around have already been leaked via posts on Reddit and Imgur. These leaks follow earlier reveals last week where we were teased of a new Junkrat skin which we dubbed ‘Searat’ while the soon to be released Symmetra skin, Magician Symmetra was officially unveiled during last weekend’s Overwatch League matches.

Of the 11 leaked skins, three are Epic (250 coins) while the other eight are Legendary skins (3000 coins). The leaks were in Chinese characters so we nicknamed these skins based on our creativity – so do remember they aren’t final. If you can read Chinese characters, then do enlighten us in the comments section below.

So without further ado, here are the skins set to be available during the Anniversary Event 2018, starting May 22nd 2018.

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Pic Credits: Imgur

Our verdict? They all look sweet but we are kinda bummed that we won’t be getting any new Ana, Pharah nor Moira skins this time around. On the flipside, Moira should be getting her own dance emote.

Along with these skins, the dancing emotes which were introduced in last year’s event will again be available in the lootboxes, or for purchase. Heroes who weren’t available back then will receive a brand new dance emote as not to leave anyone out of the dance party. Other event-specific skins will also be obtainable during the limited period of the Anniversary celebration.

It ain’t all just about the skins though. We finally got to see the new Deathmatch map, Petra as well. Hopefully, a place where one-tricks can go to hone their skills without affecting other players’ experience.

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