A Non-Pro Guide to Overwatch

Since Overwatch Free Weekend is back this weekend, we figure it would be of the community’s best interest if us, veterans (but not that great players) in Overwatch to share some in-game wisdom to all you folks planning to dip your toes and try out the game this week. While these tips aren’t surefire ways to win the game, they will definitely improve your playing experience as well as preventing your blood pressure from shooting sky high over the course of the upcoming weekend.

1. There’s More than One Hero Apart from Soldier 76

There are 27. TWENTY SEVEN heroes in Overwatch and we implore you to experiment with at least half a dozen of them. Sure you played traditional shooters in the past but look at you know – are you a pro? Nope.

Perhaps your mechanical skills aren’t up to scratch and are better utilised with other heroes? Give them tanks a try; or even do the community a service and pick support. You never know – underneath that mess of a McCree player probably lies an expert hooker of a Roadhog God.

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2. Accept That Not Everyone’s Gifted to Be a DPS

Just because you saw Pine or Fleta pull off sick flicks on McCree and Widowmaker in the Overwatch League, don’t think you can do the same after two rounds of Quickplay. Expanding on what was mentioned in the first point, take time to understand the basic nuances of the game and where you personality suit best.

If you are of the more disciplined sort, maybe experiment with the tanks. If your aiming is terrible but are pretty good with positioning, try Lucio or Mercy. There’s a specific hero tailored for everyone in Overwatch so don’t force yourself to be what you were not meant to be. It’s ok.


Screw the meta. Unlike the pros who honed their skills to the tippy top of Overwatch while simultaneously playing with the best there is, you are nowhere near them. At least until you’ve reached Master, focus on mastering a handful of heroes which will bestow the necessary game sense to properly utilize your ‘meta-knowledge’ later down the road.

3. Stick to The Objective

On the surface, Overwatch is about shooting the opposing six players in the face. But underneath all that clusterf**k lies intricate strategic plays of cat-and-mouse where both teams try to outmanoeuvre one another to either capture a point or push the payload. Know these modes by heart and play to the map’s objective. That Play of the Game is pointless if ‘DEFEAT’ splashes across your screen at the end of the round.

And no one gives two shits about your Gold Medals if you aren’t helping the team to win – unless you have all five gold medals; then it’s either the opponent is too good, or you’re lumped with a bunch of awful players.

Stick to the objective. We guarantee you that your winning percentage will definitely increase.

Nova Widowmaker

4. Healers Are Your Best Friend(s)

Keep a lookout at your health bar and when the need arises, always be ready to pull out (LOL!) of a fight and sought for the comfort of your healers ahead of scrambling for the health packs.

Remember: healing contributes to their ult charge. In return, ensure their survivability and we assure you that your gaming experience will improve tenfold.

Want to go one up? Then focus on the enemy healers whenever you can. Nothing is sweeter than rolling over an enemy whose healer is respawning after being caught prior to any fight.

Also, if you’re a tank, don’t panic after getting shot a couple of times. Trust your healers to do their job in healing you. Otherwise, the ‘Avoid as Teammate’ option is just a click away.

5. They Might be ‘Easy’ Heroes – They Are Also One Ticket to Being the Most Hated Player in the Game

Allow me to let you in on a secret. Nobody likes Symmetra and Torbjorn mains. Sure we get the occasional kicks of seeing an unsuspecting enemy Tracer walking into a microwave room but really – once the enemy gets past the turrets, Symmetra and Torbjorn are pretty much useless.

These cheeky tricks may work on lower ranked games early on but as you progress further, we highly suggest you increase your hero pool as to ensure cool heads and a pleasant gaming experience – for you and everyone else around you.

Zatanna Symmetra

6. Just Remember to Have Fun

As Zarya puts it:



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