Pop culture fans should be familiar with Matt Groening’s animated works. He was the mastermind behind The Simpsons, his satirical take on suburbia America, and Futurama, his joke-laden love letter to science fiction.

Now he’s planning to tackle the fantasy genre with his new series Disenchantment, set for Netflix this coming August 17; no word if this applies to Malaysian or Singaporean Netflix though. The 10-episode series (for now) is about an alcoholic princess named Bean (voiced by Abbi Jacobson) who is bored with ruling her current kingdom and wants to go adventuring. Joining her is an elf named Elfo (voiced by Nat Faxon) and her pet demon Luci (voiced by Eric Andre).

The studio behind the animation is Rough Draft Studios, which is also responsible for Futurama. Speaking of which, alumni from the classic series will lend their voices including John “Bender/Marcus Fenix/Joker” DiMaggio, Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, and Tress MacNeille, among others.

We’ll cap off this report with still images of the show. As a huge Futurama and pre-Season 10 Simpsons fan, I look forward to the team’s ribbing of fantasy tropes.





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