These Are The Best Fighting Game Plays In Last Weekend’s Combo Breaker Tourney

Last weekend’s Combo Breaker fighting game tournament in the US was filled with so many eye-popping fighting game moments. It’s not even EVO 2018 yet and we’re witnessing many godlike plays left and right.

Here are our top picks and highlights.

Street Fighter V

Despite our main video highlight subjects ending up in second and third place, Xian and Infiltration have shown a lot of mettle and prowess with their respective characters: Ibuki for the former, and Menat/Juri for the latter.

Xian switches sides using a Super Street Fighter II Turbo technique.

This is Xian again fighting tooth and nail against Infiltration. Naturally, he won thanks to some insanely tricky mixups that even the Korean FGC god can’t predict.

Infiltration was no slouch either. His mastery over Juri and Menat, two esoteric characters in SFV, is peerless in this tournament.

What would an SFV match be without a long-ass combo during a finals? Thanks for the memories, Infiltration!

Dragon Ball FighterZ

SonicFox finally beats his nemesis Go1. Even during the Winner’s Finals, the foxman popped off like nobody’s business.

Here’s a lovely clip of a reset from Go1 after withstanding SonicFox’s many barrages.

Still, it wasn’t enough as SonicFox clutches towards a one-character victory with Gotenks and a mixup from his Cell. Guess we can add Dragon Ball FighterZ to his list of major wins next to his Mortal Kombat X and Injustice 2 accolades since he won the Combo Breaker tournament.


Tekken 7

Perhaps the best comeback series in the Tekken World Tour 2018 series, American player Anakin changes his Jack-7 playstyle to deal with CuddleCore’s Alisa, poking him like nobody’s business.

Sometimes, a good button is all you need, as demonstrated by Mr. Whooppee’s Leo when he was fighting Rickstah’s Akuma.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Not really a gameplay highlight, but still a highlight nonetheless. SST player “Killer Miller” proposed to the tournament’s winner “eltrouble”, only to discover that the latter was carrying a ring around for the same purpose. Congratulations!

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