Mike Haggar Retires as Metro City Mayor; Baton Passes on to Ex-Con Cody

From lead protagonist to vigilante and convict, Cody Travers is one of the last to consider a political role, let alone the Mayor’s Office for Metro City. However, that is the role he is in right now in his official debut to the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition roster.

Interestingly, the hot seat of Metro City is not the only thing Cody inherits from Mike Haggar, the outgoing Mayor.

Indeed, from 26 June 2018 onwards, players can access Cody as part of the Season 3 character set. This, of course, includes his new costumes – like the one Haggar sported during his time as a pro-wrestler.

Funnily enough, the reveal trailer shows Kenny Omega – renowned wrestler now with New Japan Pro Wrestling – taking the live-action role of Cody.

Yes, this Kenny Omega.

According to Capcom, Haggar took Cody out of prison; a pardon of sorts. The ageing wrestler then saddled the mayor role onto his young charge. The upgrade in status also means a huge change in the wardrobe. Looks-wise, the slick-back and two-piece outfit with pin-stripe pants make him a lot like Geese Howard or Ryuji Yamazaki of SNK’s Fatal Fury and King of Fighters.

Show Me Your Moves

In terms of move-sets, Cody doesn’t pick up any smackdown skills that Haggar mastered. Instead, he brings his repertoire of dirty fighting that he has honed and improved throughout the Final Fight arcs and various appearances in the Street Fighter narrative.

The moves, updated to fit in with the new look, have dropped some of the rougher attacks. Most obvious is the rock-throws. Don’t fret, this has been incorporated into Cody’s two-block V-Trigger. The Double Kick from Final Fight makes a come-back as a V-Skill. As for his trusty blade and pipe, both are part of the V-Trigger sets, with V-Trigger I (Side-Arm) seeing Cody pulling out the blade from…somewhere.

As for the pipe, when V-Trigger II (Dirty Coach) is active, Cody pulls out the offending long metal cylinder to bludgeon opponents. It is in this mode that he can throw rocks as he channels his inner baseball pitcher and tosses rocks at the challenger of the hour.

The rock toss can pair with what Capcom calls the Gentle Swing, a home-run swing, that can punt the projectiles Cody tosses earlier. With the right timing, it can mix up Cody’s combo sets with varying results.

Most important is the Critical Art that Cody now uses. It’s a huge update from the old Criminal Upper. Now called Criminal Punisher, the tornado punch is devastatingly powerful.

It’s a real pity that Cody doesn’t do any bodyslams or grappling moves like Haggar. While the costume hand-me-down is amusing, it’d be more fun to see the new mayor strutting out a power-bomb or two as well. At least the other costumes remind all that Cody has, at one time, been a street vigilante and convict.

Cody is available as a stand-alone purchase for MSRP US$5.59 or 100,000 Fight Money. Those on the Season Pass will be able to get him as a set with Sakura, Blanka, Falke, G, and Sagat.

(Source: Capcom-Unity)

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