Detroit: Become Human – All The Endings, Best Scenes, & Trophies List

So we played Detroit: Become Human. It’s a decent interactive experience, though it’s still not much of a game. But that’s pretty much the way “auteur” David Cage works.

He’s also renowned for being influenced by the medium he’s so enamoured in recreating in games: film. Though to his credit, he has done a lot of research in civil rights movement history and then putting it in an android context, much less in Detroit: Become Human’s 2038 timeline of America where this sort of tech advancement may happen.

Of course, if you play it once, that’s your story. Want to see the outcome for the rest of the game, without the need of playing it? Look no further than the magic of YouTube and Kakuchopurei’s due diligence in gathering them all in one convenient location.

That’s what your games were built for, David Cage. Be proud.

Since we’re dealing with sensitive material here, there are a ton of spoilers featuring trigger moments. So tread lightly. Also, this one-page stop will be periodically updated since the game just came out and all.








Alright, you were warned.

Android Hell

Remember that scene about android hell in our review? Here it is in all of its creepy glory. FYI I ripped out the core of the first near-dead woman android in my first playthrough. That speaks a lot about me than anything.

Hank Anderson Gets Drunk

Bonus points to Clancy Brown for selling the grizzled detective persona for this game. Extra bonus points for the introduction of the loveable Saint Bernard Sumo.

The Detroit Freedom March Of 2038

Markus and his Jericho group of freedom fighters march out in public to protest. Police come down to shoot and wreck havoc. Protip: If you don’t run away, you get gunned down and will have a Markus-less game.

On the flip-side, you can beat the s*** out of the cops…

…or just hightail it from here. Running away is the only way to get the “Survivor” achievement.

How Detroit: Become Human Ends

Here’s the good ending where everyone survives. Basically, you need to make sure the public’s perception of androids is neutral to peaceful. Markus needs to do a peace march for the Battle of Detroit segment, especially if you want to keep Kara, Alice, and Luther alive. Trust me on this: the trigger point is at the Canadian immigration border.

Connor needs to be friends with Hank and also turn deviant, which will lead to the path where he joins Markus’ cause and head to CyberLife to turn inactive androids to their cause. You’ll know you’ve done well when Hank saves you during the CyberLife infiltration.

David Cage’s plot comes full circle: androids are good, humans are bad and need reprimanding, they’re the real monsters and so forth. Still, it’s worth a watch (via PowerPyx)

Want to see the saddest possible ending for Kara’s storyline? Head here if you want a dose of the feels and see David Cage’s direction taking full effect.

Trophies List (via

Mission Accomplished Bronze – Connor saved Emma.
Secrets Bronze – Kara discover the content of Alice’s box.
Deviant Located Bronze – Connor found the deviant in the attic.
We Are Free Bronze – Kara and Alice escaped Todd’s House.
Defend Yourself Bronze – Markus pushed Leo.
Self-Control Bronze – Markus let Leo win.
Confession Bronze – Connor made the android confess.
Shelter Bronze – Kara and Alice slept in the motel or the squat.
Know Your Partner Bronze – Connor found all clues about Hank.
Run Kara Run Bronze – Kara and Alice escaped the police.
Catch It Bronze – Connor caught up with Rupert.
Save Hank Bronze – Connor saved Hank.
Escape the Manor Bronze – Kara and Alice escaped Zlatko’s house.
Ruthless Bronze – The Tracis were killed.
Doubts Bronze – The Tracis escaped.
Jericho’s Hero Bronze – Markus got enough parts.
Just A Machine Bronze – Hank killed Connor.
A Smile On Her Face Bronze – Alice enjoyed a ride on the merry-go-round.
When A Plan Comes Together Bronze – Markus broadcasted his message without raising an alarm or having a team casualty.
A Glimpse of Jericho Bronze – Connor connected to Simon.
Send A Message Bronze – Markus conducted a pacifist riot.
Burn The Place Bronze – Markus conducted a violent riot.
Nothing To See Here Bronze – Kara succeeded to make the cop go away.
Confrontation Bronze – Markus attacked the police.
Stand Your Ground Bronze – Markus stood his ground against the police.
Priorities Bronze – Connor killed the Chloe.
Kinship Bronze – Connor refused to kill the Chloe.
Bloodhound Bronze – Connor got the location of Jericho by himself.
Three At Jericho Bronze – Bring the three characters to Crossroads.
Scorched Earth Bronze – Markus or Connor detonated the freighter.
Liberation Bronze – Markus reached the camp and liberated the androids.
Moral Victory Bronze – Markus succeeded in making the soldiers stand back.
Escape Death Bronze – Kara and Alice escaped the recycling centre.
Safe Harbor Bronze – Kara and Alice passed the border.
An Army of Me Bronze – Connor converted the androids.
Mission Complete Bronze – Connor killed the leader of the deviants.
My Turn To Decide Bronze – Connor resisted hacking attempt from CyberLife.
Compliant Bronze – Connor stayed a machine.
One Of Us Bronze – Connor became deviant.
Undefeated Silver – Don’t lose any fight before reaching the end.
Bookworm Silver – Find every single magazine in the game.
Partners Silver – Hank and Connor were friends until the end.
Happy Family Silver – Kara, Alice, and Luther are together at the end.
I’ll Be Back Silver – Connor died and returned at every opportunity before reaching the end.
This Is My Story Gold – Finish the game once.
These Are Our Stories Gold – Spend 20,000 bonus points.
Survivors Gold – Everyone is alive at the end.

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