I remember a time when fightings game were a dime a dozen. The 90s was indeed a joyful time to be alive if you’re into fighting, 3D, 2D, and any sort of mashup for that. Before esports came in and ruined fighting games -still subjective depending on which end you’re at- people played fighting games for fun, floaty control feels, and to pull off a ton of insane combos for bragging rights.

Fighting EX Layer from Arika (the folks behind Street Fighter EX and its sequels) aim to bring us back to the past to make us kick some ass. The game has a release date now -June 28- and it’ll be out exclusively for PS4.

If you’re an old-school fighting game fan, you’ll be pleased to know that the SF EX characters are in this game: all 12 of them including folks like Skullomania, Darun Mister, and Garuda. There’s no sign of Indian Cammy, I mean Pullum Purna, but she may be DLC material in the near future.

The Light version of the game costs US$39.99 and will have 12 launch characters and 5 Gougi Decks. The Standard version costs US$59.99 and basically adds in another 10 Gougi decks onto the Light version. If you’re still not convinced that this game is worth going back to the past for, maybe the video below will change your mind.

If you’re sick of them newfangled 2D fighting games, this throwback might be worth it. Stick around; Kakuchopurei will be reviewing this when it’s out.


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