We may have eighteen teams competing come the start of the second season of the Overwatch League. In an interview with German Financial Paper Handelsblatt, President and CEO of Activison Blizzard esports Leagues, Pete Vlastelica was quoted as saying “We plan to expand the league by six teams. Two from the Americas, two from Asia-Pacific and two from Europe and the Middle East.”

“On this list is London, where we already have a team, but also Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and some Scandinavian regions.” he added.

Elaborating on the next European-based OWL team, he continued “We want a team in Berlin. We hold many discussions and, without being able to reveal any details, we will have a team there at the latest next year.”

Users on Reddit were quick to suggest the name “Berlin Messerschmitts” in response to the “Spitfire” team representing London but we have a yuuuuuge confidence that that idea will not take off.

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So with that said, which six cities do you think are perfect to join the Overwatch League? On the Americas side, we expect a team from probably Seattle or Chicago to join, along with a South American team; most probably from Rio de Janeiro. For APAC, as much as we’d love to see a southeast asian team in the OWL, we feel that another South Korean team – possibly from Busan – makes more sense, along with a Hong Kong or Taipei-based team. A wildcard pick would be an Australian team out of Sydney or Melbourne.

As for Europe, Berlin seems to be a lock-in and the second slot should be filled by a Russian-based team due to the size and potential of its market. If a Middle Eastern team is ever to make it to the OWL, we think it would end up like another Shanghai Dragons scenario where the team is gonna be lightyears behind everyone else.

So which cities do you think will make the list of six new teams in the second season of the Overwatch League? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Handelsblatt


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