Street Fighter history has been made, at least in Malaysia. CFN IAmChuan, a veteran player from the country, took first place in the Capcom Pro Tour SEA Online tournament during the past weekend.

The online tournament featured 70 players from all across Southeast Asia, including a guy named Aronmanurung who trashed me without fail when I used to play the game. Singapore pro player Xian was also in it; he was in the top 8.

Check out IAmChuan’s highlights here, which features high-level Guile play:

Here are the top 8 players of that tournament. Good job, Southeast Asia: we may be able to make a dent in EVO 2018 soon enough. Top 50, at the very least.

  1. IAmChuan
  2. NekoXX
  3. PBE don
  4. AronManurung
  5. Leslie
  6. AlexNation Cogumerlim
  7. Razer Xian
  8. BK9999

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