These Dragon Ball Z Custom Sneakers Will Kamehameha Your Wallet

How much would you pay for a pair of custom Dragon Ball Z sneakers? If you said “RM3.7k”, then read on you crazy hobbyist you.

Graphic designer Matthew Walsh decides to paint over a pair of Nike Air Max 1 sneakers with Goku’s signature colours and share it all over Instagram. And they look pretty dang awesome! We especially like the kanji for “Goku” plastered on the shoes’ tongues.

The reception was so massively positive, he decided to share the love for a steep price. If you have that RM3.7k on hand, you can buy a pair at Vijz Restorations. Apparently, Matthew Walsh has teamed up with these Air Max 1 makers to hand-craft these custom shoes for willing buyers, complete with a custom box, t-shirt, and a certificate of authenticity.

You might want to hurry though; there are only 8 slots reserved for buyers worldwide. If you want a cheaper alternative, might we suggest the Adidas x Dragon Ball Z collab sneakers instead?



Author: Team KKP

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