The Best Bits Of The Destiny 2 Forsaken Livestream

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A few hours ago, Bungie launched a video documentary that showcases all the cool things in their new Destiny 2 expansion called Forsaken. Here’s what we gathered:

New Story

There’s a new story that will take you to darker and grittier places.¬†Players now get to fight in the Tangled Shore, which is located across the far reaches of The Reef. It’s full of pirates and assassins, and it’s clearly a lawless place.

Fans will remember the Prison Of Elders; they’ll be returning to that part of the universe and deal with a prison break, the Fallen barons, and the mysterious Awoken.

New Bad Guys

Speaking of The Fallen, the game’s main focus will be on the Forsaken Barons, basically the “worst version of The Magnificent Seven you’ll find in this universe”. There will be Baron hunts for players to participate for loot and glory, and they won’t be easy.


New Weapon System. And A New Weapon

Forsaken will bring back random rolls and add in loadout flexibility and weapon customization. So yes, you can now equip three shotguns as your main loadout if you like them so much.

Guardians will also get new Supers, like a new Titan ability that lets you summon a giant hammer that shoots out fire tornados, and a new Void Warlock super that lets you teleport in and out and finish off with an AoE attack. Arc Warlocks will also get access to what looks like a Kamehameha beam.

There is also a new weapon type: the bow and arrow. To which we say “seriously?”, but it seems that these arrows seem to be one-hit kills. Warframe did it; why not Destiny, right?

New Multiplayer Mode

Perhaps the biggest feature in the Forsaken expansion is Gambit mode, which brings in PvE and PvP together. Players are divided into two teams of four, each in their separate arena. During a round, each team kill enemies, collect their drops and deposit them in a bank. Put in enough drops and you summon a Blocker on an enemy team’s field; their banks are deactivated until it’s dead.

Once you cash out enough drops, you summon a Primeval on your team’s field. Kill it and you won the round. The best part? During these fights, you can send one of your teammates over to the enemy field to sabotage them.

Honestly, this is a fresh multiplayer mode that can breath new life in Destiny 2. It almost makes some of us regret selling off our physical copies of the game.

New Raid

Veterans will get a new Raid to fight in: the Dreaming City. This locale is said to evolve over time. Lore-wise, it’s the Awoken’s birthplace.

According to the expansion’s leads Scott Taylor (project lead) and Steve Cotton (game director), the Dreaming City is what happens if “Vault of Glass and Dreadnought had twins, and then send it over to Peter Jackson to amp it up”. As per other creative raids, the area will feature puzzles and hidden corners. Naturally, the Raid will have its own surprises, so the devs aren’t going to spoil anything about it until the game’s release date.

New Roadmap

Pre-Forsaken, Bungie will be making a ton of changes to improve the quality of life of Destiny 2 players. They’ll be getting more Vault Space, a Solstice of Heroes seasonal event, Year 1 Triumphs (achievements, basically), and the Power Matters stipulation in Iron Banner and Trials.


New Annual Pass


And we’re back to Activision doing what they do best: nickel and diming people with season passes. But Bungie is saying that this isn’t the same as the Curse of Osiris stuff that happened in Destiny 2 Year 1. We’ll find out more details later on whether this is true or not.


Get ready to check out Bungie’s apology to Destiny 2’s rocky Year 1 when it’s out 4th of September for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the full video documentary below.



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