The latest Halo game – possibly Halo 6 – will be announced at E32018 and will be called Halo: Infinity according to sources. ‘Word on the street’ has it, as claimed by an editor for, Brad Sams.

While some may quash this as pointless pre-E3 rumor, it is worth mentioning that Sams have been spot on with his E3 predictions related to Microsoft in the past. Apart from the name, not much was revealed.

However, Halo Infinity could very well be the continuation of Halo 5: Guardians (which wasn’t that great) considering Infinity is the name of the first Infinity-class supercarrier commissioned into the UNSC Navy. It was last seen doing multiple random jumps to evade the rampant AI Cortana at the end of Halo 5: Guardians.

Then again, the lack of numbering in the nomenclature could indicate that this might be a self-contained game which takes place somewhere between the core Master Chief-led games e.g happenings between Halo 3 and 4 or even what transpired between Halo 4 and Guardians.

Our guesses are as good as yours but if we had to pick, we are guessing that it is going to be a top down RTS game ala Halo Wars. What do you think? Another shooter featuring Locke and his squad or even worse – a Halo battle royale game?

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