E3 2018: PlayStation Delivers Despite Underwhelming Death Stranding Segment

After several ‘appetizer’ pressers these past few days, it’s finally turn for the big one, the one we’ve all been waiting for; Sony PlayStation’s E3 2018 Press Conference. While you might be wondering what makes them so intriguing compared to other E3 conferences? The answer is simple; Sony have more often than not delivered the goods at their E3 presentations and this year is no different, spearheaded by four big titles that while not come as a surprise, have so many questions waiting to be answered.

Shawn Layden started off the show by telling everyone that PlayStation’s focus this E3 isn’t to show ‘new stuff’, but instead expand on what we already know and delve deeper into them and boy did they started things off with a bang.

The Last of Us 2 Reveals More Combat

What better way to start it with a quick banjo performance and a focus on Ellie’s relationship. She’s a lesbian (hardly a surprise) and we are pretty sure the internet just blew up. However it isn’t the biggest draw of the segment. We were shown some brutal combat sequence – scripted, no doubt yet still, no sign of Joel.

The basic mechanics are still there, but with more fluidity in Ellie’s movements and transitions between quick-time and melee combat.

Ghost of Tsushima Looks Promising

Revealed at Paris Game Week last year, Ghost of Tsushima takes us back to the island of Tsushima which is situated on the Korean strait. Approximately halfway between Japan and the Korean mainland – about 50km from Busan – it’s a historical site having been invaded by the Mongols as well as turned into one of the major bases of the Japanese Wako/ Wokou pirates during medieval times. The timeline for Ghost of Tsushima is the former of the two.

We were shown brand new, never seen-before gameplay of the game which is gorgeous to say the least. We know the guys at Sucker Punch are great with their visuals as seen in the Infamous franchise but this may be their best work to date.

Our favorite game reveal at E32018 pressers to date, no doubt.

Resident Evil 2 Remake and PlayStation’s take on Xbox Exclusive Quantum Break?

We were shown a brief look at time/ dimension bending game called Control by Remedy which reminded us so much of the Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break – also by the same devs. Looks sleek but not much was revealed about it but hopefully will redeem Remedy following the largely disappointing Xbox One exclusive.

The audience then witnessed the early days of the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City from the eyes of … a rat. Cut quick cut to Leon and he’s back in all HD glory come January 25th 2019.

Kingdom Hearts III Doing a Good Job Baiting Fence Sitters 

There are two kinds of gamers in this world. Those who are excited about Kingdom Hearts III and those who don’t, or have never played the franchise before. And at PlayStation’s E3 presentation, they have the latter in their sights as they showed off some crossovers, new locales and familiar faces.

Kingdom Hearts III releases January 29th 2019.

Death Stranding Underwhelms 

The highly anticipated Death Stranding was a letdown. Not only were we dished with what appears to be a FedEx/ Walking simulator, not much was revealed this time around except for Leia Seydoux’s inclusion to the game. We learned more about the terrestrial beings Norman Reedus’ character is trying to avoid, as well as how the baby often seen in several promotional items before ‘function’. With the baby appearing to be sort like a battery to Reedus’ detection thinggymajig on his suit, a glimpse of the gameplay wasalso  shown towards the end of the segment. A letdown.

Nioh 2 Teased 

A brief teaser of a Nioh sequel was shown and it got us excited. Loved the first game and can’t wait for its sequel. If you haven’t picked it up, do it now. Not only will it prepare you for Nioh 2, it also serves as appetizer for Ghost of Tsushima …. sorta.

Spider-Man vs Sinister Six? 

The presser ended on a high note with Insomniac Games’ Spider-man game set for release in September. Flashy, intense and chock-full of Spidey goodness, the Sinister Six who appears to be the main baddies in the game made a grand entrance (or escape) as they broke out of The Raft high security prison. We so far spotted Shocker, The Vulture, Rhino and Scorpion. Mister Negative made an appearance but he appears to be the one directing the S6 so the other two members are still up in the air.

Venom? Kraven the Hunter? Doctor Octopus? We can’t wait.

Despite a few questionable decisions with the intermissions, musical number and lack of titles shown, PlayStation’s shift of direction to focus more on what has been established instead of announcement of new titles served its purpose. Of the four ‘big titles’ featured, Ghost of Tsushima was a clear standout, with TLoU 2 & Spider-man not far behind. Death Stranding was surprisingly bland and disappointing – something we never thought we’d say but believe more will be revealed come GamesCom, Tokyo Game Show and Paris Game Week later in the year.

7/10 Good

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