E3 2018: Ubisoft Hits All the Right Notes

It’s very, very hard to top what Ubisoft did at E3 2017. It’s equally as troublesome to match it. However, this is Ubisoft and there is no doubt that it’ll keep the hype up. Did it top previous efforts? Well, if the pre-show is any indication, it is indeed a strong showing for sure.

Anyhow, let’s dive into the biggest reveal from Ubisoft first!

Proper Hollywood Leverage

Besides the dance-off on the street with cosplayers as the intro, which feels like a homage to Justin Timberlake’s VMA2013 opening, Ubisoft invites Elijah Wood, CEO of SpectreVision to reveal his collaboration with the brand; more on that later. There is another Hollywood type that shows up though he is very much out to discuss creative contributions; that’ll be up next.

The star of the show, of course, is Shigeru Miyamoto himself – the man behind the long-time classic: Starfox.

Why is he here? Well, for the major cross-over that the willy space-fox is signing up for with the upcoming Starlink game:

That’s not all:

Finally, a proper trailer reveal for the much-hyped next entry into the Assassn’s Creed franchise:

Like Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, there are two characters to consider; each featuring their own abilities and narratives.

The timeline is set during the Golden Age of Ancient Greece:

Sequels Done Right

After the first teaser of a cloud city fight that confirms Beyond Good and Evil 2, the newest trailer switches up the setting in space with the entire crew. Ubisoft pulls off all the stops here too as it shows off the pre-Alpha in-game sequences on stage. There will be a closed-door beta gameplay session for the press to try out later too.

Ubisoft confirms that this back-track story will offer a bigger world for players to explore. An open invite went out as well to all creatives, fans especially, to contribute content for the upcoming game. The team promises that artwork, music, and content will appear in this expansive game world.

Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, Co-Founder of HitRecord, shows up to confirm this creative outreach. His company will be the go-to-platform to sign up and contribute to creative works to Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Another equally as massive sequel came up right after – Rainbow Six: Siege.

The new chapter, Para Bellum, is now live for all to check out the new content. eSports is a big deal for this title too and Ubisoft produced a full documentary to show-off how important this sub-culture truly is to many communities.

Not so big a title, but just as impressive for a sequel, is Trials Rising. Here, it’s easier to let the trailer do all the explaining.

Of course, this being Trials, it breaks the norm with a somewhat confirmed date:

The Were-Rabbids also make a big showing with its own sequel to that crazy cross-over:

The intro for the long-serving gorilla arch-type for videogames in Rabbids Kingdom Battle has a live band accompaniment; now this is a classic yet apt move.

Ubisoft didn’t pull back its punches after that; this is E3 after all. Indeed, this isn’t E3 if there is no For Honor details:

Yes, that’s right! The Starter Edition is now free, but for a limited time!

Of course, there must be something new for this awesome action brawler:

This includes new factions with four latest characters. Beyond that, nothing has been confirmed yet. Complementing that is a new siege mode: Breach.

There is The Crew 2 as well. The open beta will be available next week and can be pre-loaded now for all platforms:

Stand-Alone Drops

It’s another sequel but this has a totally new narrative take; indeed, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 takes centrestage and reveals a very unexpected post-apocalyptic world. The narrative for this next take is a huge step up from the first game. It also features raid mode and three upcoming DLCs.

There is a new specialisation class system and exclusive weapon types:

Here’s the kicker: the new content, with DLCs, will be free for all.

Next is Singapore-made Skull and Bones:

All-New Franchise

Ubisoft is not shy about revealing the new IPs it is working on. With the right support, these titles will come out on their own….somehow. The latest in this effort is the one Wood is one stage for as he personally introduces the game. It’s called Transference and it features some level of psychosis as the narrative driver.

All-in-all, while it’s not as chart-topping as E3 2017, Ubisoft delivers on all fronts and even topped up some expectations. This locks in a secure and tight-fisted:

8/10. Great

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