When was the last time a video game song or a tune from a video game trailer reached number 1 in a country’s top pop rock song listing in a short time span? You can now add Ali Edwards’ “Devil Trigger” in that really rare and empty list.

No doubt most of you action game fans saw that sweet Devil May Cry 5 trailer. Let’s remind you:

You may also remember that really cool pop techno song that played where the lyrics went like this:

All of these voices inside of my head!

Binding my sight in a curtain of red!

Frustration is getting bigger!

Bang, bang, bang! 

Pull my Devil Trigger!

I’m probably paraphrasing, but those lyrics and the overall beat is catchy as heck. It’s so catchy that it’s number 1 on the iTunes UK Top Songs list.

If you want to hear the song in all of its cheesy techno pop-esque glory, check out the official music video below. The song is available on iTunes Southeast Asia and also on Spotify for streaming.

The video looks like a PG version of a Marilyn Manson video if it crossbred with a goth-phase version of Avril Lavigne. Which is all kinds of awesomeness if you think about it.

The song is essentially the video game equivalent of an annoying pop song made in 2017 in, er, Devil Trigger form. Its association with the Devil May Cry series help boost its credibility since by and large the series is known for exploiting its corniness and action movie cliches.

So yeah, frickin’ check it out and play the hell out of it during E3 week. Or even on the bus so you can share the cheesiness to the unenlightened masses.

Also, if you’re interested in Ali Edwards’ music, she also lent her vocals on a few Killer Instinct tracks.



  1. “You may also remember that really cool pop techno song that played where the lyrics went like this…”
    ‘Cool’ and ‘pop song’ don’t belong in the same sentence. If I were a violent person, I’d want to murder the composer and singer for tarnishing my beloved DMC series with such a terrible song. But I’m not, so I have to live with the anguish that song has caused me.

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