E3 2018: When Will The NeXt Xbox Come Out? [Report]

Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer said during its E3 press conference that the Xbox team is working on a slew of new Xbox consoles. Obviously it’s way too soon to say when they’ll be ready, but some sources have some inkling.

According to a tip-off from a Brad Sams on Thuttrott.com:

  • He predicts that after a round of price cuts and worldwide stock-clearing, the new Xbox will be out in the year 2020.
  • Codenamed Scarlett, it’s going to be a “family of devices”. This means multiple pieces of hardware released on that year.
  • Because of Xbox’s backward compatibility support and its Game Pass service, the Scarlett devices may support current gen games but will also offer more advanced features and align possibly with its upcoming game-streaming services.

Here’s an excerpt from the article for full context:

“This past week, I was tipped off that the next generation Xbox was codenamed Scarlett and in an effort to track down if this information was accurate, I was able to view content that highlighted several unannounced Microsoft products that are coming in the next two years.

Microsoft is planning for the next Xbox console release to arrive in 2020. But what is more interesting, is that Microsoft describes ‘Scarlett’ as a family of devices; meaning we may see multiple pieces of hardware released that year.

That date may seem relatively close considering that the Xbox One X launched last year but Microsoft is aggressively moving ahead with hardware in the console space to shake up the industry. But what we don’t know is if this is a brand new set of devices or simply a more ‘powerful’ Xbox One that is again, fully backward compatible with all the content available today.

Considering how much effort Microsoft has put into backward compatibility, I would expect the Scarlett devices to support current gen games but offer more advanced features and align possibly with Microsoft’s upcoming game-streaming services.

As with any leak this far out, timing and plans can change but I was able to verify the information I viewed as being authentic and fully believe that the company is on-track to release the new console in two years.”

My take on this? We’ve already gone past what tech can do in terms of game visual fidelity; how a game looks like is still up to its art direction in the end. In the end, it’s still about the games and how convenient it’ll be to access all of them in one go.

This report is still speculation, but this does make sense for the company and its long-term goal to become the “Netflix of video games”.

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