E3 2018: These Are Your Best Reaction Videos

E3 reaction videos have been a staple since the ex-Gametrailer guys (who now formed Easy Allies) started losing their collective s**** during the PlayStation press conference back in 2015.

Yes, we know these videos have been around since, but there’s been quite a resurgence of these for the past few years. So how did 2018 fare in terms of people shouting and speaking non-cohesive words over video games?

Pretty decent, if you’re a millenial who needs validation from others to confirm your decisions. I kid, obviously, because these reactions showcase the genuine love for the medium that can’t be contained. Here are our top picks.

ProZD shows us how casuals and fans react to Kingdom Hearts III. And turns out there’s a meme for that bit in the end. The more you know, eh?

AfroSenju XL really, REALLY like Kingdom Hearts.

And so do these guys.

The reception for Halo Infinite was pretty darn strong as evident in this crowd shot and reaction from the Xbox press conference.

Some guy named Etika reacts to the reveal of the Metroid space pirate Ridley. He also breaks stuff too.

Speaking of Ridley reveals, the whole Nintendo New York store were loosing it, and followed up with a “not too big” chant.

Fighting game streamer Maximilian and his crew watch the Devil May Cry 5 trailer for the first time. As a Capcom fan, he is obviously stoked.

Giant Bomb’s Dan Ryckert learns about pirates mid-stream.

Even Twitter wasn’t spared. Thanks for breaking my eardrums, ksizzle.

YouTuber Keana Flores goes ga-ga over Ellie and her coming out party in The Last of Us Part 2.

We cap off this segment with the folks who popularized the reaction trend. Here are the Easy Allies crew when they saw the Resident Evil 2 Remake crew for the first time.

Bonus: their reaction to Star Fox being in Ubisoft’s shooter Starlink.

Know any reactions we missed out on. Let us know!

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