Heads up football fans and remember these important dates- July 21st for PES2019 demo release date and the actual game release which falls on August 30th 2019.

“We are going to announce the demo details at our major esports final event which is on July 21st. It’s being held in Barcelona… we are going to announce a few things at the show.” said Adam Bhatti, International Brand Manager of PES2019 to IGN earlier this week, at E3.

Bhatti added that compared to the previous years where they have always separated the PC demo release from the consoles, all platforms will get a demo version of PES2019 on the same day.

Bhatti said that the earlier release of the game was deliberate, to allow extra room for players to judge the game as it is, and not simply compare it to its fiercest rival in the FIFA series. Releasing PES2019 close to the start of the new football season also allows the game to ride on with the hype thanks to the live-update feature which the game also carry.

PES2019 will feature tons of new upgrades from the already impressive 2018 version such as 11 new skills including Bobby Firmino’s no-look pass, controlled chip and dipping shot. While the game lost a huge license in the UEFA Champions League (which switched camp to FIFA19), it hasn’t lost the realism in gameplay and awesome depiction of the football atmosphere during gameday.

You wouldn’t wanna miss PES2019’s E3 trailer, which is awesome so we added it below, along with a quick look at the gameplay which was shown during Bhatti’s E3 interview with IGN



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