MechWarrior 5 Delayed, Pushed to Next Year

Guess we will have to wait a little longer for some hot metal – to -metal action as developers Piranha Games announced today that to ensure it delivers “the best single-player Mechwarrior experience to date,” the game will be held back until sometime in 2019.

“As everyone knows, this is the first single-player experience Mechwarrior title released since 2002 and we are well aware of the responsibility and great opportunity we have in re-introducing Mechwarrior to the world,” Piranha Games President, Russ Bullock said in a statement posted on Twitter.


Important message regarding MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

— Russ Bullock (@russ_bullock) June 18, 2018

“At this time we’re only prepared to announce a slip into 2019 and would like to give ourselves until MechCon this December 1 in Vancouver to determine and announce the specific launch date in 2019 so that we can be as accurate with our estimations as possible and avoid further delays. Although undoubtedly many Mechwarrior fans will initially be disappointed by the longer wait, we also feel confident and assured that we will get 100 percent support from Mechwarrior fans to release the best product possible.”  he added.

Earlier pegged for release this December, the game has garnered significant attention considering the last MechWarrior singleplayer title was released late 2000.

For hardcore fans, rest assured that this game will deliver as this isn’t Piranha Games’ first rodeo with the MechWarrior franchise having worked on MechWarrior Online in 2013.

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