Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour To Make Stop Down South

Bandai Namco just announced more details about the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour as well as added in a Southeast Asian country in the mix: Singapore.

For you Malaysian, Thailand, and SEA players willing to throw down, the DBFZ World Tour will make a stop at the Little Red Dot this October at GameStart Asia’s Southeast Asian monopoly major fighting game tourney South East Asia Major 2018 alongside the Capcom Pro Tour SEA tournament.

You can take a look at the full schedule below.




So I bet you’re wondering: what the heck is a “Saga”? You might also want to stay awhile if you’re interested in participating.

How Does This Tournament Work?

For context, this tournament is similar to the Tekken World Tour, where players compete in DBFZ matches all across the world leading up to the big major tournament that will happen in the far future. The total circuit prize pool is US$60,000.

And that’s not all: according to the official website, players will not only be playing for prize money — to which each major event will be given a US$5,000 pot bonus and a US$25,000 pot bonus for the finals — but competitors will also be able to earn Dragon Balls by winning one of the World Tour “Saga” events.

“Featuring an innovative tour structure, players will compete for the 7 Dragon Balls at designated Saga Events worldwide. The more Dragon Balls a player possess, the higher seed they will be granted at the Finals of the tour.”

If a player manages to win every Saga event on the tour and earn all seven Dragon Balls, that player is immediately in the World Tour’s finals as a “Final Boss” of sorts. The runner-up of the tournament will fight against the “Final Boss” in a first-to-10 event. Said competitor with all the balls is guaranteed a second place win at the World Tour finals.

Along with receiving a Dragon Ball for winning a Saga event, the winner of each tournament will be given a spot at the finals. If a player who is already qualified wins another Saga event, they will receive a Dragon Ball, but the next eligible non-qualified player will be given a ticket to the last-chance qualifier event taking place the day of the finals.

Though it is not currently reflected in the schedule, the World Tour website makes mention of ” over a dozen offline and online events across the world.” There will be even more tournaments that are a part of the circuit that is separate from the major Saga events.

If you want to see the first-ever DBFZ World Tour tournament, you should watch the livestream of the CEO fighting game tournament from 29 June until 1 July PST.

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