The old school and new school of SNK joined forces during Malaysia’s first-ever SNK-sanctioned Neo Geo World Tour Malaysia tournament, which happened during the weekend of 23 and 24 June.

Here are some highlights:

  • Two Malaysians took top honours in the Metal Slug Score Attack challenge. First up was Terry Kok with 181,760 followed by Cyberpunkz with 171,760.


  • Your King of Fighters ’98 champion is Pacman Loon, followed by second place and third place winners¬†WahChai and Ohlinme respectively.


  • Last but not least, your top three King of Fighters XIV champs of the weekend are VSlash| Zantetsu, BL2game, and Pacman Loon.¬†



Check out the rest of the pictures of the event to see what you’ve missed. All pics are courtesy of Malaysian Fighting Game Community & Neo Geo World Tour unless otherwise stated.



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