Blizzard Drops Another Hint of Possible Hero #28


Blizzard dropped another hint related to the potential release of the 28th hero in Overwatch via a cryptic tweet earlier today.  A follow up to an earlier static image, the latest post included an animation of a rolling sphere across the screen. Check it out.

Overwatch theorists, content creators and fans alike have been actively trying to decipher the image since its release, with many suggesting that it isn’t a hero, but a new map which is set to be unveiled.

However, the latest tweet may have changed everyone’s take on the clues and while our guess is as good as yours, we’d put our money on it being the 28th Overwatch hero which happens to be Hammond.

Not this one …

Just like Winston, he’s a main tank but instead of a bubble shield, he curls up into an impenetrable ball which rolls over a short distance, while simultaneously providing cover to any teammates behind him. Any enemy caught within the roll radius will be hurt; just like D.Va’s bump or even stunned momentarily. As for release date, expect us to see ‘Hero #28’at the start of the upcoming Season 11 of the Competitive Mode, roughly around first week of July 2018.

But that’s our wild guess. What about yours?

Meanwhile stay tuned to as we will keep track of these clues dropped by Blizzard and will you updated on them.


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