Here Are The Best Steam Intergalactic Summer Sale Deals So Far

This story was originally posted on 22 June. This story is still in development, at least until July 6.

So we announced this early morning on Facebook that the official Steam Intergalactic Summer Sale just started. Valve sure likes surprising people with these things, eh?

In any case, it’s that time of the month where PC gamers spend money on great -33% discount (or more) for games and buy so many of them that they won’t even play them even after a year has passed. We’re here to give you our personal sales picks from 22 June until 6 July, because we run a pretty cool gaming website and we want to sort out the best deals so you don’t have to do too much searching & stuff.

So obviously we are going to spend our money on the deals that make the most sense and the biggest bang for your RM/SG/currency of choice. Here are our picks, so do stick around and we’ll make it worth your while.


Dark Souls III (SG$14.97)

75% discount on the third Dark Souls game that will test your action RPG mettle and dodging/fighting skills? Sign us up!

Cities: Skyline (SG$7.25)

Still burned by EA’s treatment of SimCity these days? Just buy this city simulation instead. It’s knee-deep with city-building and management features that you’ll be hooked for days and weeks.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands (SG$23.10/RM68.97)

Last year’s open world Ghost Recon shooter came out with a mediocre reception, but Ubisoft took great pains in improving the game months and months after its release. Just like with The Division, this shooter is a tad more improved over time; now’s the time as any to get it at a 67% discount. 

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (SG$6.22/RM9.50)


This action RPG’s production and post-production history overshadowed the actual game back in 2012. Nonetheless, you should give this game a shot since it’s at a huge 75% discount: the combat is fun, the loot-hoarding is grand, and the aesthetics have that familiar-yet-unique vibe to it.

Dragon Ball FighterZ (SG$41.94/RM119.40)


The base version of this year’s hyped-up 3v3 fighting game is at -44% discount. It may not be more than 50%, but it’s enough to make you go Super Saiyan if you haven’t touched the game yet.

While you’re at it, do check out our guide, yeah? 

Them’s Fightin’ Herds (SG$10.87/RM24)

Would you like some horseplay with your fighting games? Then you can’t go wrong with this Early Access edition of Them’s Fightin’ Herds. You’re getting a limited time 25% discount for an already-cheap fighting game that’s made from fans of the series (and even a huge assist from My Little Pony: FIM’s Lauren Faust). So now’s a good time as any to uphold the Bro(ny) Code.

These Gaggle Of Indie Games

Desolate, Everspace, Abandon Ship, Tyranny, Dark and Light, Staxel. I’m more fond of Tyranny, which is one of Obsidian’s finest.


Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom (SG$47.04/RM143.40)

We gave this JRPG a solid review. It’s worth the time and man hours to play even if its story is not as good as the first Ni no Kuni. Plus, the latest 1.03 update adds in a new Hard and Expert difficulty, which means tougher enemies with better treasure.

It’s not everyday a new 2018 title gets a half-price offer: buy it here. 

Fallout 4 GOTY Edition (SG$39.50/RM118.49)

Fallout 76 is coming out, so why not revisit the last Fallout game from Bethesda that lets you build your own houses and team up with a robot detective?


Rise of the Tomb Raider (SG$20.97/RM57.00)

Lara’s second foray in the third reboot (quite a mouthful, eh?) just received a 70% discount. With the third game in tow this year, you should check out this adventure because it looks so damn good on a powerful PC.

Total War: Warhammer (SG$14.75/RM28.75)

War is definitely good for something: PC strategizing fun!

Civilization VI (SG$22.47/RM71.60)

The best version of Civilization so far has its OG price slashed by 70%. To which we say “hell yeah” if you haven’t bought it yet due to high 4X prices. Firaxis has done good with this epic sequel.


Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming (SG$2.62/RM5.75)

Here’s a pretty underrated RPG you can get into; it’s got a funny-yet-addictive speed-based completion mechanic, pixelated graphics, and a charming narrative. All that for a huge 75% discount!

Va-11 Hall-A (SG$10.05/RM20.77)

Why the hell have you not played this awesomesauce visual novel featuring drinks-mixing and cyberpunk? Do it now!

A Hat In Time (SG$18.85/RM36.40)

Remember Yooka-Layley? Well, don’t. You should just play A Hat In Time, which is a love letter to all 90s 3D platformers out there starring a cute hat-wearing protagonist.

Got any good Steam Summer Sale picks you want to share with the whole of Southeast Asia? Let us know! 

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