Yokai Watch World Announced For Mobile; It’s Like Pokemon GO With Yokai

It’s only a matter of time until Level-5 and its Yokai Watch franchise take the AR gaming route ala Nintendo and the Pokemon Company.

This morning, Level-5 livestreamed a presentation about its new mobile game Yokai Watch World where you catch cute little ghosts/yokais that look like cats and cuddly Japan-friendly creatures on your Yokai Watch device. Only instead of doing this in the fictional Yokai Watch world, you have to catch yokai in the real world via the magic of augmented reality tech. Check out the ad below, featuring music from Japanese band Bump of Chicken.

The similarities between this game and the already-out Pokemon GO are pretty close though Level-5 outlined some key differences. Here are the key takeaways of the presentation.

  • This game is a collaboration between Level-5 and GungHo, the folks who did the juggernaut mobile game hit Puzzle & Dragon.
  • Just like Pokemon GO, the game uses Google Maps and features an AR view.
  • The game runs on the Unity engine.
  • Those key differences we mentioned earlier? The in-game battles are similar to the Yokai Watch games on the 3DS. 
  • The Japanese version of the game is live right now for iOS and Android phone devices. There isn’t any word on a Western version at this point in time.
  • The game will be getting a huge local marketing push as it’s involved with tie-ins with Family Mart, NTT Docomo, and Fruity Jinbayans Coro Coro.
  • Because of its partnership, Yokai Watch World will feature a collaboration event with Puzzle & Dragons. 



Check out the official game app page description below:

You are the Protagonist on an Adventure Set All over Japan

The many unique yo-kai of the Yo-kai Watch series like Jibanyan and Komasan appear in the real world. Search for and battle against the yo-kai that appear all over Japan. Complete your Yo-kai Encyclopedia by moving yourself or by getting other players to move.

First, “Search” for Yo-kai on the Map

In order to find nearby yo-kai, “Search” the location you’re at on the map. There are various yo-kai to be discovered depending on the location. Don’t forget to Search whenever you visit a new place.

Find Yo-kai with Your Smartphone Screen

Tap the icon of the yo-kai you discover through Search. By doing this, you will be able to see that yo-kai through your smartphone screen. Find yo-kai and pursue them so they don’t escape.

Battle Yo-kai with Simple Controls

When you Search for yo-kai, a battle will begin. Since battles are semi-automatic, they’re very simple. Use special moves when you have an opening or are in a pinch. By winning battles against a yo-kai, you may be able to befriend them. By training the yo-kai you befriend, you can battle even stronger yo-kai.

Possess Nearby Players

Your yo-kai can “Possess” nearby players. A possessor yo-kai can travel with the player it possesses to new areas. They might bring back a yo-kai from somewhere you couldn’t go on your own, or sometimes they even bring souvenirs. (Rest assured that your exact position will not be shown to nearby players.)

Plant “Yo-kai Trees” at Various Places

You can plant trees at your current location, as well as at places a possessor yo-kai visits. Yo-kai gather around trees, creating the opportunity for new encounters. Make proper use of Yo-kai Trees to increase the number of places you can befriend new yo-kai.

Plenty of Ways to Play

Yo-kai Watch World is full of other ways to play. From “Advent Bosses” you can enjoy anywhere, to “Departed Maps” where you can look back on your previous travels and more. How you play is up to you.

Check out the full livestream below which was live an hour or so ago. Are you excited to capture digital ghosts in the real world? Let us know.


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