The annually-held Comic Art Festival Kuala Lumpur event, otherwise affectionately known as CAFKL is back for another weekend of awesomeness. Now in its fifth instalment, this local art fest is pretty popular among many Malaysians thanks to its main draw (heh): celebrating indie comic art and artists.

For its 2018 edition, CAFKL will be held at the Atria Shopping Gallery from 30th June until 1st July, this weekend. The entry fee is RM15/SG$5.08 per person.


If you’re a regular attendee like yours truly, you may already have a good idea about what’s on the menu for CAFKL. But if this upcoming one is your first, here are five cool things to look out for.

Artist Booth’s Galore

CAFKL_artist booths

The main highlight of any art/comic convention is the artist booths and I can promise you that CAFKL never disappoints in this department by featuring many local and overseas talents. Make sure your wallets and purses are heavy because you can get your hands on various artsy masterpieces, ranging from postcards, zines, comics, prints, keychains, badges, fanart to on-the-spot commissions!

For more information on all the artist booths, click here.

Life Drawing Activities

CAFKL_life drawing

Ever want to see what goes on during a live drawing session but never had the chance? Well, CAFKL is presenting this opportunity to you. Whether you’re the drawing type or the spectator (read: busybody) type, this activity doesn’t discriminate so all are welcomed to participate!

This live drawing session will be held on Sunday, 1st July at 4pm.

Informative Panels & Demos


With great talent, comes great responsibility to nurture and guide others! The aforementioned quote was totally made up by me but it does ring true when it comes to CAFKL’s panels and demos.

Conducted by industry players, these knowledge-sharing sessions (with topics ranging from Southeast Asia’s comic scene to crowdfunding, audience building etc.) should not be missed by aspiring creatives. Also, all these are completely free.

Comic Worm!

CAFKL_comic worm

Living up to its namesake, CAFKL is bringing back the comic worm. This is an interactive activity that anyone can join in. Just grab an artsy weapon of your choice and draw!

Just don’t ruin everyone’s fun by drawing some unsolicited illustrations.

Community Love. Lots Of It!

Catching up with your artist friends/peers/sempais and making new friends are part of CAFKL. The sense of community in CAFKL is incredibly strong with mutual respect all around. Regardless of whether you’re an attendee or an artist, everyone’s excited and hyped up. Much talking, walking and spending are expected and embraced with gleeful smiles!

So, will you be paying a visit to CAFKL aka one of the most highly recommended local conventions around? Also, stay tuned to our site as we may be cooking up a post-CAFKL write-up next week!

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