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Veterans of Street Fighter III: Third Strike should be familiar with a few names: Daigo, Tokido, RX, and Kuroda. The latter is known for using low-tier characters like Q and dominating players around the world just because he can.

It is a sad day for SFIII fans, however. Just today he was arrested by local authorities in Japan (via Yahoo). The charges? Alleged sexual harassment. From what we know so far, he was dating a female minor in Japan and was found out. The minor in question was said to have been “groped and molested back in February.”

It’s not clear at this point in time whether the minor consented to this or not. In any case, the minor’s mother called the authorities to deal with the SFIII legend.

Allegedly, Kuroda himself went “crazy with direct messaging girls to the point of direct messaging any female-looking profile”. He was also suspected for obscene acts such as embracing high school girls nearby the Saitama prefecture. This may have links to the fighting game god’s depression since last year.

Speaking of which, there was an “Operation Saving Kuroda” Reddit thread last year where the community is trying to help him with his severe depression, with one method involving the community sending postcards of encouragement to the star player.

Stay tuned to Kakuchopurei for more updates.


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