It’s the World Cup all over again with countries earning honour and glory by kicking balls into goals and getting paid mad monies for it. Meanwhile, the artistically-savvy are portraying their love for the global sport the only way how: through the medium of anime and manga.

Granted, these artworks comprise of anime women of loli/tsundere nature in national-coloured jerseys and hot pants, but let’s not dampen their spirits and instead celebrate their contributions all in one handy post. Besides, we’ve added in some anime renditions of the 2018 mascot Zabivaka to balance it all out.

(via Kiet Tran)

(via Garupan_dbooks)


Group H’s Japan & Columbia showing their sportsmanship. Or sportswomanship.


(via みっどうぇい)



(viaΒ Lock)


(via Ise Takeshi)


(via Dr Nick Dictonrock)



Bonus Stage!

Remember those soccer anime girl mascots from the last World Cup? Let’s remind you…



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