This Fan-Made StarCraft Kids Book Is Totally Adorable

Most Blizzard StarCraft fans take their love of the sci-fi lore -an “homage” to Warhammer 40k if you want to be polite about it- and channel it into different and productive ways. Cosplay, fanfic, even more cosplay; just throw a digital rock at Tumblr and you’re bound to see some hot Kerrigan and Jim Raynor slashfic action going on.

Gaming geek father Drew Pan from Singapore took it to a whole new handmade level and created a cute kid’s book for his 5-year old daughter for her birthday. Basically, the book reimagines the iconic StarCraft characters as kids playing in a playground, costumes & gear and all.

The heartbreaking Kerrigan storyline where she went from loyal Terran trooper to the Queen of Blades is done in a playground-context fashion. Not only is it framed and illustrated in an adorable fashion but the short-but-sweet tale can still stir the hearts of those who really loved that pivotal plot arc in StarCraft.

Alas, the book isn’t for sale as it’s only meant for Drew’s daughter and his close friends. But there are pictures of the whole book (via Geek Culture), so go take a look!



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