Hey you Studio Trigger and Arc System Work fans. There’s a video out there concerning that Kill la Kill game we talked about a while back. Here’s a quick look:

The full title of the game is Kill la Kill The Game: If and it’s a 3D fighting game brawler similar to the Naruto games from Cyber2Connect back in the day. At least that’s how it’s looking like, except it has that same animation technique from Guilty Gear Xrd and, ugh, that Little Witch Academia trash heap of a game.

The “If” subtitle might allude that the game may be using “What If?” story paths. Basically, it might feature alternate endings and alliances depending on how you play the game.

It’ll be out in 2019 and is slated for a PS4 and PC release, distributed by Arc System Works and supervised by Studio Trigger. Let’s hope it’s at least oodles better than the last Studio Trigger-supervised game I played.



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