2018 Is A Good Time To Jump Into Warframe

Fans of open world-slash-instance-based shooters like Destiny 2 and the upcoming Anthem may need to check out Warframe if they haven’t already. In this Digital Extreme-made shooter (they did Dark Sector; remember that game?) you play as a space ninja -the Tenno- as you team up with other space ninjas to shoot and melee and slide their way through missions and enemies big and small.

What was initially a gamble for the then-small studio back in 2013 ended up being one of Steam’s top 5 most popular games: 16 million players last we checked. From my personal experiences with Warframe, it’s fast, it’s fun, it’s hectic, and it’s free to play while looking gorgeous. Its paying economy is super-fair too.

The game is so huge it has its own convention dedicated to its fans. The latest expo, called TennoCon, has announced a whole slew of new content for the game to keep it going. Oh, and there’s going to be a Nintendo Switch version of the game.

The first new expansion is called Fortuna which introduces a new faction of cyborgs and a new open environment on the planet Venus. The sci-fi landscape is filled with “seascape flora, giant mushrooms, rare creatures, and more”.

The next expansion is Codename: Railjack and basically gives players space combat. So instead of being a space ninja, you get to be a space ninja piloting a new giant spaceship ala Elite. From the looks of the video below, this is a lovely breath of fresh air.

Both expansions will be out later this year. With the game being free, sometimes I do wonder why people are still holding out for Destiny 2 and whatever promises it may deliver.

Oh and if you want to see how the game looks like on the Switch, check out the vid below:

Author: Mr Toffee

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