*Spoiler Alert* Let’s Talk About Those Last Bits Of Ant-Man & The Wasp

Even though Ant-Man & The Wasp is an inconsequential-yet-fun peppy ride when compared to the previous Marvel juggernaut film, there were still some bits worth contemplating about. And with the film being shown over the weekend, I’m sure you guys and gals need a spot where you can go spoiler-heavy with the discussions.

So let’s open a spoiler zone for you movie and comic buffs out there to unload sequel and spin-off possibilities and how scene X/Y/Z were cool. Loads of spoilers for Ant-Man & The Wasp, so navigate with care.





This Iron Man villain from the comics is a girl named Ava Starr. Her dad Elihas was a former partner of Hank Pym. Because Pym’s ego was too big and didn’t want people like Elihas and another former partner Bill Foster to mess up his plans, Elihas ended up doing the quantum experiment himself. It failed and ended up killing him and his wife, but Ava herself gets the power of intangibility at the cost of her deteriorating lifespan.

Bill Foster ended up becoming a surrogate parent to Ava, but unlike Ava, he isn’t bloodthirsty and still has his heart in the right place.

Janet Van Dyne

As with most Marvel films, the good guys win without any consequence. In fact, Janet Van Dyne gets out of the sub-atomic realm with “sub-atomic” powers that can, get this, make Ghost tangible again. There is no explanation on how Janet can absorb quantum energy and disperse it like a sorceress.

And that pivotal bit where Hank and Hope Pym contact Janet through Scott Lang to give them the precise location to find her? Priceless stuff.

That Mid-Credit Scene

Scott Lang is now stuck in the Quantum zone after a quantum energy extraction run, since everyone manning the machine (Hank, Hope, Janet) is now dust thanks to the Thanos finger snap. But Hope Van Dyne’s actor Evangeline Lilly is in the Avengers 4 cast listing, so she’ll make a return as well somehow.

That End-Credit Scene

It’s just a giant ant playing drums; nothing more. A sight gag just like the Shawarma celebration in the first Avengers.


Cassie Lang

It’s heavily suggested that Scott Lang’s daughter has aspirations of being a superhero like her dad. In the comics, Scott Lang died at one point, and his daughter -now in coming of age- took up the Ant-Man mantle. All the small bits where Cassie and Scott bond together helps foreshadow the fact that she may end up in the superhero roster in the far, far Marvel future.

The Real Villain Of Ant-Man & The Wasp…

….is obviously Scott Lang’s unwillingness in having a partner and getting people dragged down to his mess, hence the reason why he didn’t want folks like the Wasp tagging along with him during that key fight in Civil War. Luckily, Cassie set him straight and we get awesome big-and-small-and-giant action scenes left and right to remind us that, hey, Marvel movies are still comic book movies aimed to be fun and entertaining.

The Real Heroes Of Ant-Man & The Wasp…

Are the action setpieces. From Wasp being all badass shrinking and unshrinking to fight off Walter Goggins’ goons -yeah we don’t remember his character’s name either- to the chase scenes involving Hot Wheel cars to even the bit where Ant-Man gets really big near the end in front of the whole of San Francisco to see. Even the scene where Hank Pym takes a trip down the Quantum Sub Atomic realm to rescue Janet is chock-full of lovely visuals and trippy sights.

Viewers may question the third act’s science and writing (and maybe the whole film’s writing), but the comic book action bits will be enjoyed by all.




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