Monster Hunter World Will Be On PC Next Month; Specs Included


Update: It’s out now. We’ve updated this page with other graphical tidbits. 

Mark your calendars, Monster Hunter fans who want their new hunting fix sated on the master race system. Capcom announced that Monster Hunter World will be out for PC and Steam on 9 August.

You’ll probably want to know the specs of this version. Here’s the minimum and recommended specs according to a recent leak:



Graphic Options

Vsync: on, off
Frame Rate: 30, 60, no limit
Resolution Scaling: low, mid, high, variable (prioritize resolution), variable (prioritize frame rate)
Texture Quality: 256, 512, 1024, full
Ambient Occlusion: off, low, mid, high
Volume Rendering Quality: off, low, mid, high, highest, variable
Shadow Quality: low, mid, high
Anti-Aliasing: off, FXAA, TAA
LOD Bias: low, mid, high, variable
Max LOD level: -1, no limit
Foliage sway: on, off
Subsurface scattering: on, off
Screen Space Reflection: on, off
Anisotropic Filtering: low, mid, high
Water Reflection: on, off 
SH Diffuse Quality: low, mid, high
Dynamic Range: 32-bit, 64-bit
Z-Prepass: on, off

Known Issues At Launch (via Steam & ResetEra)

Game not launching on certain PCs
There’s an issue where the game will not boot on specific CPU or GPU model. Dev team is aware of it and are currently investigating the matter. A patch will be released as soon as they identify and fix the problem.

Issues with multi-GPU configuration
There is a known issue where the game may not work correctly when SLI or Crossfire is enabled. If you encounter these issues, please disable the multi-GPU setting within the Nvidia or AMD Control Panel.

The game will be priced at US$59.99. Pre-orderers will receive two bonuses in the Origin Set, a useful levelling set of armour with a nostalgic style, and the Fair Wind Charm, another useful item for early levelling that features a unique left-arm glow. There is also a Deluxe version available for pre-order as well for US$70.48 and it features the following:

The Deluxe set above can also be purchased separately for US$14.99.

The PC version of Monster Hunter World also has the following additions/restrictions:

We talked about Monster Hunter World earlier this year; we really loved it. 

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