When Final Fantasy Dissidia debut for home consoles, many have been pleased with the character roster. After all, it is a fine mix of heroes and villains from the Numbered series and the more popular entries into Final Fantasy (FF).

Even the latest entry – Dissidia FF NT – generated positive impressions; mostly due to the updated graphics and improved fighting mechanics. Square Enix did confirm there will be downloadable content, featuring new characters like Noctis, from FFXV, and FFXIV’s Rhul.

As usual, most are expecting main-stay characters from different FF entries. Interestingly, there is a tiny but active segment of fans who are campaigning for more love for FFVIII. Square Enix heard them loud and clear as it introduces Rinoa Heartily as the latest fighter to join the FF Dissidia roster.

The introduction and gameplay trailer pays homage to Rinoa with the flower fields and all-new remix of the infamous FFVIII Don’t Be Afraid BGM. She sounds fiercer spunkier. It’s nothing like the calm and soft-spoken Rinoa that fans have fallen in love with from the original JRPG.


As for her move-set, she can call upon Angelo to attack on its own or in tandem with her primary weapon, Blaster Edge. Her ultimate, like her Limit Break in FFVIII, will release her Angel Wing form and raise her damage levels.

Rinoa will make her official debut at the arcade version of FF Dissidia first in the July 2018 update. She will then make her way into Dissidia FF NT – the Sony PlayStation 4 variant – in August 2018. No details on pricing has been revealed as yet.



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