Wrecking Ball¬†Hammond have been playable on the Overwatch PTR for a few weeks now and as usual, new heroes which are being tested under that environment were only granted their default skin. Today Blizzard unveiled a slew of new skins for our 28th Overwatch hero including wooden and moon versions of the sentient hamster’s mech.¬† Check them out (click on arrows to scroll):

Rare Skins

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Epic Skins

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Legendary Skins

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Our only gripe was that Blizzard didn’t include a transparent-looking mech suit which allows us to see him controlling his mech from the inside, or even a hamster ball-inspired machine – you know, which shows Hammond actually running on a hamster wheel to power the mech.

Anyways, we also have the Victory Poses for Wrecking Ball in the next page:

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