Want MapleStory 2 Closed Beta Codes? Join The Twitter Monster Battle!

After that major MapleStory 2 closed beta announcement from Nexon, it’s only a matter of time until the company uses Twitter as a vehicle to dish out closed beta codes for their second session. From now until 14 July (PST time), the MapleStory 2 Twitter account will be doing just that by letting the game’s monsters take over. Not physically of course.

In a comedic change of pace much like the whimsical MMO itself, fans and participants can win themselves a Closed Beta 2 code by:

i) Retweeting their Monster-related post a copious amount of times. 20 random folks who help retweet that specific message will win themselves a Closed Beta code. Here’s an example of a previous takeover attempt from the MapleStory slimes.

ii) Paying attention to the @PlayMaple2 Twitter page on 13 and 14 July. Balrog and Devorak will be invading the pages on the respective dates, which means you will have to retweet a post specific to the monster a copious amount of times.

Simple stuff for a chance to access the sequel to one of South Korea’s most influential exports apart from K-Pop. If you do win the Closed Beta 2 code, you can access the session from 18 July to August 1 (PST). We have details of that here. 

Author: Team KKP

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