Getting Off: First-Ever Adult Esports Tournament Announced


You know what they say: if the adult entertainment industry is interested in a particular tech or digital fad, chances are it’ll blow up. DVD, Blu-Ray, VR: everything is made more popular when porn is factored into the mix.

You can now add “esports” as the world’s first “adult-themed” esports tournament is announced. The tourney, called the Lewd Gaming Championship, is hosted by game portal Nutaku and is partnered with bigwig adult entertainment site YouPorn.

No, we’re not putting hotlinks in this here piece; you’re big boys & girls who can use a search engine to satiate your fetishes, right?


The first game that will be used for this tournament is a World of Tanks-style mobile game called, wait for it, Tits n’ Tanks. And yes, it’s short for TnT because it’s dynamite….in your pants. I’m just guessing.

The prize pool for this tournament is US$25,000, with 64 players expected to be cumming, I mean competing not just for the money, but for a free 12-month YouPorn premium membership.

Here’s a comment from Nutaku product manager Ben Faccio about TnT:

“Think of it as World of Tanks but with fully uncensored anime action integrated into the gameplay. We’re confident TnT will bring in a trove of lewd gamers and take the world of eSports to the next level.”

Youporn vice president Charlies Hughes (Jazz?) has also expressed his joy at being the first to launch an adult esports tournament.

“YouPorn has been involved in esports for years with our very own Team YP, and it has added a new level of diversity and community to our platform that we’re excited to introduce to Nutaku.”

So far there’s no date for the tournament yet. I’m curious as to whether or YouTube would be in on this tit-illating piece of content.

If this is your first time you’ve heard of Nutaku (we won’t judge, don’t worry), that site is famous for its hardcore gaming action such as Karmasutra, Battle Girl, and Phantasma Magic. Meanwhile, YouPorn had a hand(job?) in esports. The adult entertainment body sponsored an Overwatch team and a Super Smash Bros. player with actual money, not with free premium access of their services. As far as I know.



Author: Mr Toffee

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  1. Hey I enjoyed your article. I am one of 64 participants for the tourney which has started today 11-5-2018 , We have been provided a special tank with a full crew for the tournament. This will keep it fair, it is single elimination, best of five. To answer your question, some of us will be streaming it.

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