Christ Almighty, That Horrendous New Mega Man Cartoon Has An Air Date

We’re excited about the Mega Man X Legacy Collection next week and Mega Man 11 later this year, so what other Mega Man news can we expect that will knock our collective socks off?

Probably not Mega Man: Fully Charged, that upcoming Western TV animation that’s meant for wee kids. The show will start airing on 5th August in America, so do check out your friendly neighbourhood streaming services legit or otherwise.

Check out the new artwork below, where we have new versions of Fire Man, Wave Man, and Drill Man alongside other new Robot Masters.


Here’s the full presser about the show:

Created for kids 6 to 11, and their parents who grew up loving the video games, Mega Man: Fully Charged features exciting new technologies and robots, and the introduction of Mega Man’s alter-ego, Aki Light, a normal, upbeat, schoolboy robot with nano-core technology that allows him to transform into the mega-powered hero Mega Man!

With his Mega Buster arm cannon and iconic helmet, Mega Man battles the wickedest villains Silicon City has to offer. Beloved characters, such as Mega Man’s robotic dog, Rush, will return – while new characters, like Mega Mini™ and Suna Light, will make their debut!

Finally, here’s a review from Rockman’s Protodude who has seen the show:

I have seen a lot of Fully Charged already and let me just say that the show is very much its own thing. You’d be wise to go into it with that mindset. It’s not a reboot of the classic series, but it’s heavily inspired by it. Go into it like its a new series along the same lines as Battle Network or even Star Force and you’ll be gold.

Whatever, as long as it’s a useful vehicle to introduce them to the joys & controller-breaking challenge that is Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3 somehow, right? 

Author: Mr Toffee

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