SDCC 2018: Silver Sable, Classic Spider-man Suit & More Revealed for Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Exclusive

Publishers Sony Interactive Entertainment and developers Insomniac games earlier today revealed that mercenary, leader of the Wild Pack, and owner of Silver Sable International, Silver Sable a.k.a Silver Sablinova is set to appear in their upcoming game which is set for release this September 7th.

Hired to hunt down Spider-man, expect her in-game characterization to toe the same line as the one in comics, where while she’s the best at what she does – hunting down her targets – starts questioning her actions midway through the arc.

That wasn’t the only cool stuff we saw from the trailer, as we got a glimpse of Spider-man’s classic uniform in the short trailer. If our math is correct, this would be Spidey’s fifth suit confirmed for the game with Insomniac also revealing the fourth usable suit which would be obtainable by pre-ordering the game – the Velocity Suit.

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 9.44.19 am

To recap, we have five suits confirmed so far; the suit exclusive to the game, Spider-punk, Infinity War’s Iron-Spider suit, the Velocity Suit (as shown below) and the classic Spider-man costume – which we are still unsure as of how to obtain. We are still waiting for the Symbiote suit as well as his Sam Raimi’s version of the Spider-man costume so expect more news to come as we head closer to Gamescom next month.

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And we aren’t done yet! Sony PlayStation also revealed a siiiiiiiiick special edition red Spider-man inspired PlayStation 4 Pro bundle. We don’t have the full details such as its suggested retail price as yet, but we will inform you once we do.

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We also have some awesome Marvel’s Spider-Man exclusive content coming up next week so keep it locked on to


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