Since its inception back in 1997 (most of us were in high school at that point; Jesus…), the high seas pirate shonen manga One Piece has been cruising on just fine. But all things have to end, so it’s good to know that creator Eiichiro Oda officially said that there’s 20% more plot to wrap up.

According to a Yomiuri interview, Oda said that the story was stretched out because the characters are acting on their own.

“It has taken twenty years and the story has arrived at the 80 percentage point, but there are still nine members [in the crew].”

In a separate interview on Weekly Jump, he said that he will end the series on his own terms.

“If the time for One Piece to end comes, I don’t want to hear the editorial department say “please continue doing it longer”. My ending is as I please.”

There could be a chance that this 20 percent of story will take a while to wrap up. Back in 2016, Oda said that One Piece was around 65 percent finished. But he said that the story was 60 percent done in 2012. In other words, it’s not ending anytime soon, but there is a finish line and the Straw Hat crew will find their goddamn One Piece treasure.

One Piece has been a commercial juggernaut since 1997. There’s been a number of video games based on the franchise; one of them may be out later this year and it’s going to be an open-world action adventure game ala the Grand Theft Auto and inFamous series.


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