NOW it’s official; Marvel’s social pariahs with superpowers & their first-ever fantastic family are coming back to Marvel Studios.

Previously we reported on the merger most likely to happen, with Comcast bowing out of the counter-deal after a rejection. Today (via Deadline), the majority of Disney and 21st Century Fox’s shareholders have officially agreed to the US$71.3 billion merger deal that will see the movie rights for both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four going to Marvel Studios.

Further reports stated that the decision was made within 10 minutes and 99 percent of the shareholders co-signed; only one person objected, the reason being that Disney was spending too much money. The fact that even one of them saying they love Fox’s Rupert Murdock probably sealed the deal further.

Sure, there’s going to be the usual regulatory clearances and the exchanging of money between wealthy hands, but what’s done is done. The X-Men and Fantastic Four will eventually make its way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Excited yet?



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