8 months after its debut last December, Nintendo announced that its megaton Nintendo Switch exclusive JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has sold 1.42 million copies.

According to a recent press release, this is the biggest success Monolith Soft (the devs) has ever experienced throughout its 19-year history of making JRPGs. So what’s the secret to this success story?

Simple: they’ve been supporting Xenoblade Chronicles 2 with constant updates, DLC, and even tease an upcoming expansion subtitled Torna: The Golden Country. It also helped that the original game itself is a lovely blend of old-school PS2 JRPGing and new-school MMO-style combat with combo and elemental-switching mechanics. And the god-awesome soundtrack; let’s not forget that.

We can’t say for certain if that expansion will bump those numbers to 2 million copies. For now, we’d like to congratulate Monolith Soft for its success, even if it’s filled with unnecessary fan service.

Oh yeah; there’s a new trailer for the expansion, featuring that one guy who was referred to a lot in the original game.



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