PlayStation 4 Lifetime Sales Amount To 82 Million Units

Sony just announced in its Q1 2018 fiscal year report that it has sold 82.2 million PlayStation 4 units within its 5-year lifespan. For its current quarterly report, the company sold 3.2 million units and hopes to sell 17 million units by the end of this fiscal year.

To put things into perspective:

  • The lifetime sales of the PlayStation 3 sits at 84 million. Keep in mind that the PS3 did not have a smooth launch and took a while to humble the PlayStation brand.
  • The original PlayStation sold 102.5 million units. 
  • The PlayStation 2 sold 155 million units, making it the best-selling console on the planet. This probably made the brand feel like they were at the top of the world.
  • Microsoft has no sales figure for the Xbox One for pretty clear reasons.
  • Nintendo has sold 20+ million Switch consoles within its 1-year-&-5-month lifetime.

Does this correlate with the recent Newzoo gaming revenue numbers we published a while back? Perhaps; Singapore and Malaysia may most likely be the top Southeast Asian countries with a steady console fanbase, PlayStation or otherwise. Sony’s new games like God of War and Detroit: Become Human also helped. And we also have that Spider-Man game coming out next month which we hope turns out alright.

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