Since 2011 or so, League of Legends has become a household name for colourful MOBAs with easy-to-play-but-hard-to-master mechanics and a thriving esports scene. So what better way to share the LoL love than with a rumour that it’ll spin off into a fighting game, of all things?

According to a Vesper Arcade video, there’s been word of a League of Legends fighting game being developed by a studio called Radiant Entertainment. This studio is special to hardcore fighting game folks because:

  • It’s run by Tom and Tony Cannon, the guys who founded EVO and created the GGPO netcode. Yes it’s the same one most fighting games used back in late 2000.
  • The studio created an alpha state fighting game called Rising Thunder, which featured simple controls and a lower execution barrier in favour of MOBA/cooldown mechanics. It also had robots from different countries speaking in their native language; it’s pretty cool.

This report seems to line up just fine with Radiant Entertainment’s modus operandi because it was acquired by Riot Games in 2016. The aforementioned video pointed out some evidence concerning Tom Cannon’s commitment to fighting games, though it should be noted that Radiant Entertainment’s latest game Stonehearth came out on 25th July.

One more thing to note: SSF2T US legend Seth Killian also worked on Rising Thunder as a lead developer; he is now at Riot Games as one of its lead designer. While this report should be taken as a grain of salt, it would be interesting if all of these pieces fit together and we end up getting fighting game news unlike anything the world has seen or heard.

Also, I’ll main Ahri and Caitlyn if they end up as mid-range/zoners.


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