We Talk To Pakatan Harapan’s Nik Nazmi About Esports

It’s no secret that every country these days want to get in on the esports train, but only because they truly believe that it’s a legitimate serious sport that has the opportunity to open up new job opportunities and entertainment avenues. Plus, most of us do want to put our long hours into DOTA 2, LoL, and Mobile Legends to good professional use.

France’s Overwatch World team support by its people, Singapore’s Esports Academy venture; these are but a few examples of a country’s government supporting esports in their own way. Why bring this up? Because we were graced with the presence of Pakatan Harapan’s Nik Nazmi via this very special TCSS episode.

Here, we had a chat with the esteemed government official about Malaysia’s current esports climate. And this wouldn’t be the last vid we’ll be doing that concerns esports and competitive gaming: stay tuned to Kakuchopurei.com for more news & features like this one!


Author: Team KKP

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