While our Neo Geo Mini console is still in the mail and probably still on a jet plane somewhere from Japan, we figured it’s our duty to inform you about SNK’s latest retro item in some way or form. Thank goodness for YouTube and hobbyists around the world who manage to snag a console before we did, eh?

ETA Prime got a Japanese version of the Neo Geo Mini, and even a teardown video to see what’s inside:

This is followed by Capacitor De Flujo, who seems to like it.

Here’s a good review from a user called MadLittlePixel. He said that it’s a “B” grade-wise. It’s alright, but a little disappointing at a US$100 price point.

From all of these legit reviews so far, we can gather that:

  • The Neo Geo Mini cabinet controls are obviously tiny, but they feel great.
  • The emulation seems spot-on for now, barring a few titles. Can’t win ’em all, eh?
  • You have four save state slots for your perusal.
  • If you want to save money on an SNK retro console, get the International one unless you live closer to Japan.
  • The extra control pads are out of stock from Japan, which means retailers like Play-Asia might have it albeit with jacked-up prices.
  • If you’re the kind of guy who builds his own Neo Geo arcade cabinet (like the folks at Versus City/Retro DNA), this is NOT for you unless you want to buy it for jury-rigging/dismantling.

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